The Top 3 Ways your Contracting Business is Losing Money on Advertising

Every year businesses waste thousands of dollars on advertising. Don’t be one of them.

Here are the top 3 things you can do to not throw money down the drain.

1 – You Try to Close the Sale Too Soon

This one is huge. Almost everyone does this wrong.

Imagine this.

You get a flyer in the mail for a new car – the Fong Roadster

The flyer says “New Japanese Car – Fong Roadster! – On sale only $16,000”

So do you go out and buy it?


It’s $16,000! You’ve never heard of the brand ‘Fong’.

(I just made it up)

You have no idea if it’s a good or bad car.

So the flyer gets thrown into the trash – even if you’re in the market for a new car.

What They Should Have Done

You get a flyer in the mail.

It says “The mystery car Japan is raving about – learn more at”

You’re curious, so you spend time researching it.

You read customer reviews.

You ask friends and family.

You watch some videos of it in action.

Turns out it’s a really great car!

Now it’s on your radar and you’ll consider buying it. Before it was in the trash.

What do you Do?

If you are sending out advertising, do you try and close the sale right away? Or are you following the “Ultimate Client Generating Machine” and bringing customers to your website where you convince them you are the best?

Contracting jobs can be very expensive – like cars – people need time to decide on who the best company for the job is. So make it easy for them to choose you.

2 – You Don’t Optimize for the Right Platform

There is a lot of information in the marketing world about this. But I’m going to keep this point short and sweet.

The same message should not be given to people on facebook as people on google which should be a different message than direct mail which should be a different message than radio etc etc etc.

On facebook you should be giving people information that might interest them. They are not actively looking for your services so they need different content. Content that is much further away from the purchase.

Example: Create an article called “10 Stunning Bathroom Renovations” and share it. (Assuming you do bathroom renovations).

On google people are closer to wanting the purchase so you can be more aggressive.

Example: Looking to Reno your bathroom? Check out All-Star-Contracting. (Then hammer them with how great you are)

Wherever you advertise it is important to match the message and medium.

Once again – you can write thousands of words on this topic – so do some research.


3 – You Don’t Track Results

It is absolutely incredible how many businesses don’t do this.

Note: All this is easy to measure if you set up analytics

An example makes this simple to understand:

This month you buy google ads and spend $1000 sending people to your website. Analytics tells you that 124 people got to your website from the ads.

Next month you spend $1000 on direct mail flyers. In the flyer – you direct people to your website. Analytics tells you that 213 people visited your site.

The lesson you learn from this is simple.

Never run google ads again – since way more people visit your site from the flyers.

You should do this with every advertising source.

Note: This was just an example – you may have the opposite result when you try it yourself – always test!

Don’t Throw Money Away

Money is the lifeblood of your business – don’t throw it away. Hopefully these tips will keep your pockets full.