The 5 Key Elements your Contracting Website Needs to Convert Visitors to Customers in 2017

It seems like competition for business goes up every year. It’s important to keep ahead of your competitors – especially when it comes to your website – because people do so much more research now than they did before.

And your website is one of the major ways they will judge your company.

“Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” is nice in theory – but people do it all the time. So make sure you stand out from your competition with these website features.


1 – Mobile Responsiveness

Number 1 for a reason. Over half of all website traffic is done on mobile now. If your website doesn’t adjust and rearrange elements for smaller screens you are definitely losing customers.

If i get to your website on my phone and it’s not mobile responsive – I’m hitting the ‘back’ button and trying someone else.

How to Test

Look at your website on your phone. If the text is easy to read without zooming in and the menu is easy to navigate – you’re probably mobile responsive.

Or, you can take your web browser window and make it very skinny on your screen to see if your website content rearranges itself.

How to Fix

  1. If you made your own website you are probably on wordpress or similar – so download a new responsive theme to fix the problem
  2. If you had a website made for you by a design company go back and have them fix it or
  3. Hire me to fix it for you 🙂


2 – Tap to Call Button or Link

Since so many people are viewing your website on mobile now, make it as easy as possible to get in touch with you.

You can create a button or link that when clicked will make their phone call you.

Instead of:

Memorizing the number

Switching apps

Typing it in

Forgetting half way

Switching back to the browser


Switching back to their phone app

Finish typing in your number

And finally calling

… just make a button or link they can click on.

How to Fix

Just one line of HTML code will make the text clickable to a number.

<a href=“tel:1-847-555-5555”>Click Here to Call</a>

Obviously replace with your own phone number 🙂

3 – Testimonials

Social proof is a very powerful thing to leverage.

If people see that you have lots of positive reviews from others they are more likely to trust you and your services.

Most businesses put one or two reviews on their website.

But, your site should have so many reviews that your visitors could drown in them.

Overwhelm your visitors with how great you are.

How to Fix

You should be getting customer reviews from every single job. Then just put them on your website. A neat thing you can do with google or facebook reviews is take a screen-shot of them and post them on your website. These are actually better than a normal review since they come with the person’s photo attached which makes the review much more powerful.


4 – Project Photos

I know a lot of contractors that do amazing work that they should be proud to show off. But nobody ever sees it. Why? They don’t take the 5 minutes required to take a photo with their phone.

Every single project you do should be up on your website.

(ok maybe not the very small ones – just the type you want to be doing more of)

Most contractors have only a handful of photos on their site.

Similar to the testimonials – you should be overwhelming me with photos of your work.

Consistency is key. If you are posting photos like this every week your business seems much more alive.

Note: This is a small part of my marketing strategy called “The Ultimate Client Generating Machine” you might want to check it out if you’d like more customers for your business. It’s 100% free to download.


5 – Map

If I’m dealing with a company I like to know where they are located.

It’s easy to embed a google map into your website so people can see where you are exactly.

  1. Go to google maps
  2. Search for your business
  3. Click the menu icon in the top left corner
  4. Click on ‘Share or embed map’
  5. On the window that pops up, click on the ‘Embed map’ tab
  6. Copy and paste the code into your website

Bonus – Text Number

Some people prefer to text. Make it easy for them by putting a number on your website they can text instead of call.

How to Fix

If you don’t want to leave your own cell number – you can sign up for a VIOP service that will allow to to have a separate number for business that forwards to your phone.

Example: or


Convert Customers

Traffic is getting more and more expensive every day – don’t get left behind by making simple mistakes that cost you money. With the tips in this article you should see an uptick in leads and customers.